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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aliro work with my existing ATS?

Aliro’s platform can integrate with over a dozen of the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Prior to contract finalization, the Aliro Development and Customer Success teams will coordinate directly with your ATS provider to ensure seamless integration.

I’m working in a niche industry. Can you help me find candidates?

Yes, absolutely. Aliro allows you to tap into a referral ecosystem! That means that it is designed to help you generate talent that is specific to your needs. We can also mine your existing CRM or ATS systems you may have created. Aliro can match jobs to any candidate lists you can provide. Additionally, our targeted marketing engine coupled with a customizable landing page means you can create a tailored experience, boosting engagement, and different branding opportunities.

How do I attract veterans to work for my company?

At Aliro we specialize in building customized solutions to help organizations tap into the wealth of talent in the Military and Veteran communities. Attracting members of the Military-Connected Community is a high priority for most employers given the inherent talents and abilities of that particular talent pool. If you are ready to start your Military and Veteran recruiting process, take our military readiness assessment and we will reach out with a custom solution to meet your goals. 

Does the Aliro platform help my company connect to veteran job seekers?

Absolutely! The Aliro platform combines a variety of funnels into a veteran ecosystem that you can tap into. These funnels include an active database of military and veteran talent, channel partners (the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association, Air Force Academy Association of Graduates, Military MOJO, and more), and the nation’s only existing Military-Connected Community Referral ecosystem comprised of several Veteran Service Organizations. 

Are there tax benefits when hiring veterans?

Yes! There are financial tax benefits under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit provisions. 

How do I track my referrals?

We have provided a simple and intuitive dashboard in which you can see all of your referrals and their status as they make their way through the hiring process. 

What if I want to apply for the job myself?

That is terrific! Just hit the “I’m Interested” button and follow the prompts. Then either Log In to your account or create an account and upload your resume. We will review your background information and if you match the company’s criteria then you are on your way. Hope that you get the job!

How do I open an account for my company?

Contact the Aliro team through the form above to open your employer account and begin posting jobs.

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801 Old Lancaster Road
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
877-ALIRO42 (254-7642)

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