ALIRO is leveraging the power of the Personal Referral. Refer your family, friends or colleagues to jobs on the Aliro platform and you might even receive a referral bonus for helping someone find a new career.

A Few of Aliro’s Champion Customers


Aliro enables companies to build a unique referral ecosystem to turn their workforce and our external community into recruiters!  AliroMatch is a proprietary algorithm that automatically matches members of your referral ecosystem to specific opportunities within your company, asking their assistance in referring candidates from their networks to those positions.  Automated messaging encourages members to take advantage of their personal network to source qualified candidates. Many of our customers offer a referral bonus, or reward for a successful referral hire.

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Leverage your network of friends, relatives, and business associates who may consider a new opportunity and refer them using the Aliro platform. Doing so may earn you a success fee when your referral is hired. Track your referral’s progress throughout the hiring process from your computer or mobile device.

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U.S. Veterans & Military Spouses

U.S. Veterans bring unique skills, training and leadership capabilities than non-veterans. Are you looking to hire more U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses?

Veterans and military spouses will refer others they know because the military community looks out for their own. AliroVets makes it easier for veterans to refer other veterans for jobs opportunities with just a few clicks.

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I have been very impressed with the outcomes of using the Aliro recruitment platform.  Recruiting and finding the right talent can definitely be a pain point for our rapidly growing organization with over 44 locations nationally.  However, since implementing the Aliro Platform we have significantly increased our employee and external referrals and hired higher quality candidates.  It allows us to reward our employees for bringing us great people, and it provides us with talent that will most likely stay and be a part of our team. It has definitely been a win-win!  In a very short while we have already hired over 18 people through the platform! We are excited to see what we can do in the future

Larry Faschan

Human Resources Director


Of hiring managers & recruiters said referrals make hiring faster


Of hiring managers & recruiters said referrals are less expensive


Of People hear about jobs through a referral


Of referred candidates stay past the first year of employment

A few more of Aliro’s champion customers

Hire smarter and faster for so much less.

When it comes to connecting people to the right employment opportunities, nothing beats a great referral. Aliro is redefining the way people and companies connect through a sophisticated cloud-based employment referral platform.

With seamless integration to many corporate applicant tracking systems (ATS’s), Aliro enhances your existing ATS’s by adding AliroMatch, a passive outreach marketing tool targeting past candidates and potential referrers.. 

Our employees are the backbone of our organization, so elevating the efficacy and efficiency of our recruiting with Aliro is critical to G4S’ ongoing success,” explained Geoff Gerks, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer at G4S. “Beyond this, G4S is highly committed to hiring our veterans, who are often ideal employees for our company due to the specialized training, tactical experience, and strong work ethic they have. Aliro’s veteran-specific platform, AliroVets, is the ideal solution for us to leverage to help grow our veteran-hiring initiatives through the effective and efficient hiring method of referrals.

Geoff Gerks

Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Help your colleagues and friends find new jobs and get paid a success fee.

When you refer a friend or colleague on the Aliro platform and they are hired, many of our Aliro customers will pay you a success fee that could be thousands of dollars! Top talent does not look for a new job on a job board, but they will ask their business network for recommendations.  Aliro was built to engage and reward your employees for referring their professional network to open positions on our employment referral platform.

When you make a referral to a friend or colleague on the Aliro platform, and they are hired, many Aliro customers will pay you a success fee, which could be thousands of dollars!

A Few of Aliro’s Champion Partners:

Get hired 6x faster than the old job boards.

Build your Aliro profile by uploading your resume.  Search job opportunities refer your friends or colleagues or express interest in the job that interests you.  If you see an opportunity to refer a colleague, use the “Refer Someone I Know” button.  When they are hired, you may be rewarded with a success fee for your referral.

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