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Unlock the power of your people and data to hire better quality candidates faster. Aliro is the only smart employment referral platform with AI-powered candidate sourcing, seamless ATS integration, and automated reward management capabilities.

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Machine Learning that Leverages your Existing Resources.


Automate your (re)discovery marketing outreach to existing candidates in your ATS, CRM or HCM databases

Aliro uses AI-powered machine learning to match and connect qualified candidates and referrers to the right jobs. Aliro helps companies discover and (re)discover talent by unlocking and empowering a company’s own talent pool including employees, employee resource groups, previous applicants (ATS, CRM, HCM) and affiliate groups.

Your past candidate data now contributes to your current hiring process using Aliro’s AI-powered technology, AliroMATCH.  Leverage your existing ATS/CRM/HRIS data to (re)discover talent.

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Aliro’s clients have rediscovered over 2 million candidates by unlocking the power of their people and their data.

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 Why Customers Choose Aliro

Leverage Machine learning to match and automate outreach, reduce time to hire, and improve TA team efficiency

(Re)Discover talent from your existing talent pool

Unique features that support referrals for communities of interest, like the Military

Simplify and automate managing referral bonus payment, probation periods and tax reporting

Embeds easily within existing ATS, CRM, HRIS workflows

Increase employee engagement with automated notifications and gamification

Key Features

Military-Ready Employers

Establish your own military referral network, or enhance your current DEI program.
Aliro supports your military hiring initiatives with both military-specific platform features and Aliro Military Advisory Services, a proprietary offering that helps you build a best-in-class military hiring program.

Aliro’s military-ready features include:

  • An advanced skills translator that interprets military skills and codes (MOS, AFSC, and NEC codes) to civilian professions, so that the best candidates can connect with the right jobs
  • Job posting features such as veteran-preferred icons and veteran advocacy buttons to connect with veterans currently working at the hiring companies
  • Military affiliation features that allow veterans and spouses to self-identify, making it easier for veteran candidates to apply to relevant positions
  • Profile options that allow employees to show interest in joining veteran ERGs (Employee Resource Groups), or becoming a veteran ally

Aliro’s Military Advisory Services

Cut through the noise and connect with the best military talent faster

Aliro’s Military Advisory Service helps organizations build a military hiring and engagement program tailored to specific goals and objectives. The 90-day engagement includes an in-depth assessment across all areas of the business, a delivery phase to gain immediate traction, and concludes with a customized road map for continued success.

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