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For a limited time, new clients can unlock a 90-day trial when you purchase both SkillSurvey and Aliro.

Aliro’s solution automates the top of your talent funnel, proactively matching, discovering, and (re)discovering talent from within your existing ecosystem – whether it’s from your ATS, affiliate networks, your own employees, or the Aliro community.

When paired with SkillSurvey’s automated online reference checking, the powerful SkillSurvey/Aliro combination allows employers and HR to:

    • Decrease the amount of time it takes to discover the right candidates, saving money on sourcing and engaging new candidates
    • Improve the quality of candidate data with faster reference response rates and more candid input, leading to higher quality offers
    • Increase retention with stronger data-driven insights from both Aliro’s AI-driven technology and SkillSurvey’s high quality reports
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About Aliro

Aliro’s proprietary software proactively finds candidates, engages passive talent, and uncovers non-obvious talent. Aliro has changed the hiring process game by gathering profiles from both past and present prospects, including prospects with military backgrounds that are often overlooked in the corporate environment. Recruiters can now spend time with the right candidates and fill roles faster with quality talent that stays longer.

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