Harness the full potential of your people and latent HR data.

  • Do you have past candidate records of quality job seekers that weren’t ultimately selected? AliroMATCH can consume and parse these records to harvest quality talent that is already interested in your organization.  Automated outreach will bring them back to your talent community and expose them to your open positions.
  • Aliro’s AI-powered technology connects your employees AND their networks to relevant jobs, leading to higher-quality candidates in your pipeline and a faster time-to-hire.
  • Your recruiting team now has time to focus elsewhere, thanks to features that automate the referral process and prioritize higher quality candidates.



Employee Adoption and Engagement Tools

Let’s face it, one of the most challenging problems with every Employee Referral Program is employee adoption and continuous engagement. With the Aliro Smart Referral Platform you can:

Schedule frequency of job notifications

This allows you to customize marketing delivery options depending on the organizations posting turnover and to ensure employees aren’t over-saturated with emails.

Gamify employment initiatives

Run campaigns to get employees involved. The Aliro Platform User dashboards come loaded with information and insights. Employees can see company leaderboards, on-going employment campaigns, candidate traffic, and more.

Customize email templates per target (Employees, ATS, HRIS, Public)

Utilize standard email templates or create templates specific to your brand. Employee digest, ATS re-engagement, membership notifications can all be customized.

Referring is easy!


Email or Text

send referral links quickly from the web or mobile device


Social Media

share links on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other installed application on your phone using the Aliro mobile app



build up higher points when the person you referred advances through the hiring process.  All point structures are assigned for your employee referral program


Keep Informed

follow your referrals candidate experience with automated updates to their application process


A few of our ATS partners

Customizable branding options



employees, members and candidates will feel comfortable seeing your corporate branding


Multiple Business Unit Functionallity

Administer separate business units and sub-brands from a central portal with individualized and fully customizable branding for each instance.  


Email Templates

The Aliro platform automates email engagement and puts you in control with fully customizable email templates.

Photographs / Images

support for multiple images, multiple branding options for DE&I and Veteran initiatives


include Vimeo, YouTube videos and more on your landing page and throughout your instance of the platform.

Success fee payment options


Flexible Payment Options

supporting split payments, days, percentages, candidate vs referral.


Multi-Org Capable

Advanced administration functionality for a muli-organizational structure including unlimited sub-orgs.  Branding options per sub-org and different job posting options?


Fully Customizable Bonus and Payment Schedules

offer different bonus structures for a candidate referred by an employee or a public user.  offer signing bonus if referred by an employee to increase participation


Aliro Payment Services

whereas Aliro pays all success fee transactions to all parties once approved by the company’s administrator.


Payroll Administration Reporting

approval selections, yes/no, confirming the new hire met all employment probationary period requirements for success fee payment

Referral Applications

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