Members of the military-connected community continue to be a key population when it comes to high-quality hires and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Sign up below to view our latest webinar, a panel discussion and interactive dialogue with transitioned veterans turned industry leaders, advocates for the military-connected community, and HR experts to discuss the value of our combined networks for both veterans and employers.


About the Webinar

Viewers will learn:

  • How to leverage the military-connected community for higher-value hiring outcomes, including companies’ DEI initiatives
  • How recruiters can solve for the challenges veterans face as they transition into the workforce
  • Proven approaches to hiring veterans, and resources available for veterans who are ready to transition into the workforce
  • Where (and how) employers can engage with the military-connected community

Meet the Experts

The discussion includes insights from:

  • Keynote Speaker: Congressman Jack Bergman, MI 1st Congressional District
  • Moderator: Chris Woods, Military Programs Lead, Aliro
  • Panelist: Barrett Y. Bogue, President & Founder, Evocati
  • Panelist: Lanik McIntire, Sr. Divisional Advisor to the Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, CareFirst
  • Panelist: Patricia Cooper, Veteran Focused Recruiter, CoreCivic
  • Closing Remarks: Evan Guzman, Chief Veteran Advocate, Aliro

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