March 2020 changed the lives of us all. The COVID-19 Global Pandemic not only threatened the state of our health but threatened our livelihoods and businesses as well. Aliro has identified some of the most relevant and difficult challenges companies are facing within their Human Resources departments since the start of the pandemic:

Challenge 1. Discovering and Landing Quality Talent 

In a recent survey shared by Forbes, “Top HR Trends for 2020,” hiring and retaining high-quality talent have become the greatest challenges, even more so with COVID-19. Aliro’s proprietary AI-driven algorithm, AliroMATCH, intelligently matches and engages both candidates and referrers with relevant job opportunities. The unique software proactively finds candidates, stacks rank talent, automatically engages passive talent, and uncovers non-obvious talent. 

Challenge 2. Achieving Diversity With Inclusion

It is no secret that in today’s workforce, diversity and inclusion are crucial to staying relevant and attractive to new hires. Our AliroMATCH software and sophisticated search algorithms match the highest quality and best fit candidates to opportunities by reviewing prospects’ resumes – facelessly and namelessly. Aliro has changed the hiring process game by gathering profiles from both past and present prospects, including prospects with military backgrounds that are often overlooked in the corporate environment. 

Challenge 3. Permanent Flexibility

According to Mercer, over 50% of employees want more flexible work options; and companies are on board. Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost all businesses had to either close, go online, or allow employees to work remotely and for many industries, this may be their new future. Aliro’s platform can be accessed anywhere at any time with your own personal log-in, making working and hiring from home much easier.

Challenge 4. Finding Resources for HR Development

Typically, HR is given the task of hiring new employees, but not the necessary time and resources to do so. Aliro solves this problem by matching, discovering, and (re)discovering from the ecosystem you already own, from your ATS & affiliate networks to your own employees. Recruiters can now spend time with the right candidates and fill roles faster with quality talent that stays longer. 

Challenge 5. Retaining Talent

Forbes states that seeking out and sorting through an immense number of applicants and choosing the right hire is difficult, but that retaining talent is the greater challenge for every company, regardless of industry or size. It’s an even larger issue today due to the global pandemic. The solution? Matching and hiring high-quality talent with a high-tech platform. At Aliro, we not only have proprietary software to help boost a company’s HR department, but consulting services as well to help implement and sustain a new HR tech platform.

Challenge 6. Platform for Talent 

Mercer says it best: “Organizations are becoming smart platforms for matching skill supply with work demand while maximizing human creativity and ambition.” We understand that when presented with the task of hiring new talent, more volume doesn’t always lead to more success. Aliro cuts through the noise to connect the best talent faster with AliroMATCH.

From discovering and landing quality talent to achieving diversity and inclusion, Human Resources departments have their jobs cut out for them during these unprecedented times. Aliro recognizes the business world is rapidly changing and is faced with new challenges daily, and we would like to be part of the solution. HR technology is already becoming the core of how companies hire. We seamlessly improve your company’s hiring process while solving for these top 6 Human Resources challenges. 

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