For companies who are passionate about hiring veterans but don’t know where to start, and those who are looking to improve their current approach, Aliro has created a military ecosystem that continues to grow, while actively conquering veteran unemployment. This is the story of how Aliro’s military ecosystem came to be.

Our founder and CEO, Robert Archibald, was actively involved with the military and veteran community – Gold Star MomsDisabled Veterans, and Warrior Events, to name a few – long before Aliro was formed. It was through meeting with these amazing military members and veterans that Robert learned how difficult the transition from the military into the civilian sector truly is, especially for those without a support system. Many veterans exiting active duty are either starting to work in the private sector or are attending university. Both paths are faced with their own challenges, the biggest being finding resources for broadening their networks, in order to ease the transition.

By leveraging Aliro’s referral platform to encourage networking within the military-connected community, our ecosystem has successfully supported transitioning service members into the civilian workforce.

How Aliro’s Military Ecosystem Benefits Veterans 

Aliro’s military ecosystem cuts through the noise and connects with the best military talent faster. These days, employers use applicant tracking system (ATS) software to sort through talent, meaning that military language and skills often get overlooked due to the technology’s lack of knowledge. Our software is integrated with Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)/Active Federal Service (AFS)/Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) code translations and aligns skills so that veterans and their connections can be matched to the jobs best suited to their experience.

How Aliro’s Military Ecosystem Benefits Employers

At Aliro, we are passionate about supporting the military community, and we know that veterans make the best hires. Our platform takes full advantage of military and civilian professional networks, to not only find a job, but the right job through the power of referrals. It’s been proven that referred candidates not only stay longer, but they perform better and are quicker and easier to hire. Everyone has an invaluable network and with our platform, you can connect with thousands. Aliro’s military ecosystem supports tens of thousands of transitioning service members, military spouses, and veterans each year in their job search through our referral system and resources.

How to Build a Military Hiring Program

Aliro’s ForceX Advisory Services will help you build a customized military hiring and engagement program that attracts, supports, and engages the military-connected community. We start with an intelligent military-readiness assessment to find out how military-ready your company is. From there, Aliro’s ForceX consulting services help you attract and match high-quality hires from the U.S. military, military spouses, transitioning service members, student veterans, and veteran advocates. Our service continues to support your company on its mission to hire military-connected employees through the use of strategic partnerships, corporate fellowships, veteran and spouse ERG programs, and recruiter and hiring manager trainings.

Lastly, ForceX engages your company’s newly built military hiring and engagement program with live and virtual hiring events, digital marketing and job postings, community and networking events, employee referral programs, and mentorship programs. Our technology is powered by people and for people by enabling military-friendly employers to hire faster and smarter. The result is a first-class military and veteran hiring program.  

Meet Aliro’s Veterans & Veteran Advocates

At Aliro, we are proud to have transitioned veterans and advocates as a part of our very talented team. Get to know some of them!

Evan Guzman, Chief Veteran Advocate

Why Aliro: “I have always believed that the best resource for our military connected community is people. When I heard about Aliro, it was an easy choice to partner with them to build the first military employment referral network. Mentorship and referrals go hand in hand. Aliro is technology powered by people.” 

In his past experience, Evan founded Verizon’s Military Hiring & Engagement program. In this role he established, developed, and implemented an award winning and nationally recognized military engagement initiative that has been rated #1 multiple times by Best for Vets, GI Jobs & Military Spouse magazine. 

We all know that referrals make the best hires, and Aliro makes it super easy to track, manage and accelerate success like never before.”

Jonathan Fermin-Robbins, Customer Success Manager and Former U.S. Army Soldier

Why Aliro: “I was referred to Aliro through mentorship. Once I learned the vision of CEO, Bob Archibald, I was sold on the mission and ambition of Aliro to become the only referral ecosystem for the Military-Connected Community. Service doesn’t end after transitioning – a heart of service and a dedication to help those who come after is just part of what we do.”

Jonathan is a former U.S. Army Soldier, Former U.S. Air Force Military Spouse, Former President of Student Veterans Association, and Founder of Student Veteran Organization – CUNY Vets.

“Success is never achieved in isolation. We all stand on the shoulders of giants and band together to leave the world better than we found it.”  

Chris Woods, Business Lead, Military Programs and Former U.S. Coast Guard Officer

Why Aliro: “I was attracted to the mission at Aliro, which means access to all, as the company is passionate about helping the military community gain meaningful employment through the power of referrals.  It took referrals for both me and my wife to get our first jobs post-military and this technology needs to be in the world to help others. After coming to Aliro, it became a bonus to also work on a service offering called ForceX to advise companies how to build a world-class military program as it was something my colleagues and I had all done in other places.”

Chris is a Former U.S. Coast Guard Officer, Former U.S. Navy Officer Military Spouse, has been a leader within veteran networks and affinity groups at Fortune 500 companies, and U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association Board of Directors.

“We are empowering the military-connected community, which includes veterans and their spouses, by reducing the friction to meaningful employment.”  

Become A Military-Friendly Employer

Aliro’s military ecosystem and ForceX consulting services were specifically designed to help connect veterans to military-friendly employers and ease the transition of military life into the private sector. With the rate of unemployed veterans rising and employers continuing to look for resources to better engage with the military-connected community, Aliro is proud to connect the two.

Find out how to become a military-friendly employer here.

Watch our latest webinar called “How to Integrate Veterans Into the Workforce” for more resources here.