We spend most of our time in the office, but are we ready to face Monday with a smile? Emails, meetings and deadlines can all add anxiety to the work week. To bring a little joy into your workday, here are a couple things you can do to be a little happier in the office

Snacks matter.

Keep healthy snacks in your cubicle to stave off hunger that might make you hangry. The last thing your coworkers need to experience is your grumpy demeanor because you forgot to eat breakfast. You’ll do yourself – and your colleagues – a favor by eating a happy and healthy breakfast to propel you through the morning stretch into the lunch hour.

Kindness to colleagues.

Say “Hi” to your colleagues when you walk through the door on a Monday morning. A friendly attitude with your co-workers makes it easier to interface with them and also boosts your mood. You’ll be surprised at the friends you can make in the office – and engaging with your colleagues makes the work-process go smoother, making you feel happier and more accomplished at the office.

Email first.

Ignoring emails at the top of the week is a good way to get on a co-worker’s bad side. You don’t like people ignoring you, so how would your colleagues feel when their emails aren’t responded to for days at a time. You tell yourself you’ll get to checking your emails, but work catches up to you and the email response that could’ve taken you a couple minutes to write and send now dragged out over three or four days, since you forgot to get back to your co-worker.

Get social.

What’s better than leading the charge for cocktails and beers after work? Happy hour is a place we can relax with our colleagues and let off some steam. Office social engagements boost team morale because, well – everyone loves a nice appetizer and a refreshing drink. Be the center of the party and organize happy hours and team social events – you’ll go farther than you ever thought by making your colleagues happier after a couple drinks and social chit-chat at happy hour.

Try these tips and you’ll have be a little happier when your boss tells you to work on that presentation for tomorrow.