AliroVets,  an AI powered technology platform, is building the first employment referral network for the military connected community.

HR professionals and hiring managers alike know that employee referrals make the best hires. A recent Jobvite study backs up these anecdotal claims and clearly shows that referrals cost less to source, are faster to hire, make better job candidates and have higher retention rates. The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) stated in an article that “Employee Referrals Remain Top Source for Hires.”

What is astonishing is that only 7% of applications come by way of referrals yet account for around 40% of overall hires! Which means less than 10%of candidate sourcing efforts are carrying nearly 50% of the overall conversion rate. So, why aren’t more companies increasing their capacity to attract more employee referrals? Especially, more referrals from the military community?

In an effort to encourage Military Friendly® Companies and military connected job seekers to increase their referral activity, AliroVets has designed a unique platform that enable companies to leverage their Veterans and military spouse hires to refer others like them for job opportunities.

Surprisingly, what makes AliroVets extra special is the option to include external referrals from the military connected community. This means that you do not have to be an employee of a company to refer Veterans or military spouses to them.

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