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(Broomall, PA) – AliroGroup is pleased to announce the launch of AliroVets, the first employment referral platform to focus specifically on helping veterans and their families find post-military career opportunities.

“Veterans should be a hiring priority for every company because of their personal responsibility, leadership and problem-solving skills,” said Robert Archibald, AliroGroup’s CEO. “But how does a private sector HR manager translate the skills of a ‘gunnery sergeant’ into a civilian job?”

“Qualified veterans are missing out on great opportunities. 71% of veterans believe they’re at a disadvantage in the job market today, and 41% of veterans feel their military experience isn’t understood by hiring managers. We don’t want to just help them find a job, we want to help them find the right job.”

“We’re solving the problem in two ways. First, we’re helping veterans take full advantage of their civilian and military networks to find opportunities. Second, we’re using technology to help companies find veterans and apply their skillsets meaningfully.”

There are more than 21.8 million veterans of the U.S. armed forces, and at any given time 86% of veterans are currently job hunting. A majority (63%) of post-9/11 veterans feel the skills they learned in the military are underutilized – making them one of the biggest sources of untapped skills in the U.S. economy.

Retired U.S. Navy Commander and business executive Joseph Donnelly called the platform a “ground-breaking tool,” saying that the “element of having a platform solely dedicated to vets is a gratifying and exciting prospect that every vet and employer should know about and be a part of.”

AliroVets is a fully scalable SaaS job referral platform. Both job referrers and candidates are incentivized with ‘success fees’ to make veteran job referrals with participating companies. AliroVets helps companies leverage both their internal networks and proprietary external networks with access to millions of veterans. Using referrals to make job placements is a faster, higher quality and more cost-effective method than traditional job boards.

AliroVets proudly donates a portion of its revenue to support veterans whose injuries and sacrifices persist long past their deployment. A list of charities supported includes the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust, Travis Manion Foundation and others.

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As a 23 year Veteran who retired after multiple tours in Iraq a few years back, the premise of transitioning to civilian life was challenging, a lot more challenging than I anticipated. The country is full of well-wishers with good intentions, employers who suggest interest in hiring vets and a myriad of Veteran’s Transition Assistance Programs. But let’s face it, while some in our ranks have skillsets that translate directly to the civilian workplace, many of us don’t fit that mold. Sears doesn’t have a posting for a rifleman in a Brigade Combat Team, Walmart doesn’t specifically need a Sonar Operator, Under Armour has no needs for a special operations helo pilot…I can vouch for that last one. “Civilianizing” your resume only goes so far and even if you do a great job translating, your chances are only as good as the person on the other end who is reading it.

Most companies purport to be interested in hiring vets, however if you talk to a vet who’s employed in civilian life the vast majority will tell you that they got their job through a referral, usually of a personal nature. Looking for a job on Indeed, going through a staffing agency or attending veteran’s job fairs is a brutal slog that rarely yields success. That is why I am so excited about what Aliro has to offer. It connects the hiring company with the vet through personal referrals. It is the quintessential connection, people looking out for people or to use a military expression, battle buddies keeping an eye out for each other.

I’m now on the other side of the fence after getting my job through a personal reference with a company that advocates hiring vets, plus I’m responsible for hiring. We are using Aliro now for all the reasons that makes this the perfect tool for finding and hiring vets – personal references. Not just personal references, but references that upon a successful hire are incentivized. That win-win will drive our success rates up enormously and I can do it without paying the ridiculously high percentages that staffing companies want to basically search the web and find the same people my own folks can. Aliro is the groundbreaking tool we’ve been looking for, the added element of having a platform solely dedicated to vets is a gratifying and exciting prospect that every vet and employer should know about and be a part of.

Joseph F. Donnelly
Senior VP, EHS Technologies
President, Joint Defense Solutions (SDVOSB)
Commander, US Navy retired


Aliro is a SaaS employment referral platform that is disrupting the traditional recruiting market by giving individuals incentives to recruit from their vast professional and personal networks. Aliro leverages both internal employee referrals and external network referrals via a proprietary database of over 200 million potential referrers and other social referral channels. Aliro uses a success fee model for performance which mitigates risk while improving the quality of job candidates, filling open positions faster and reducing the cost-per-hire. It is the only platform specially designed to support veterans hiring programs.

Aliro is run by a group of entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and industry experts who set out to change the way people are hired. They believe that referrals are a fundamentally superior way to hire, and that the right technology platform can facilitate better hiring relationships between companies and prospective candidates.